Plot 13 Norfolk, Kyambogo
P.O.Box 7733,
Kampala - Uganda
Phone: +256 393-370-176/7, Fax: +256 414 287383

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What would you say if I told you that we had a way of moving your cargo more efficiently and effectively now, than ever?

Would you say “yes” that is the plan? Or would you say, business objectives and deadlines can only be met if we minimize on our costs as well as ensure that our cargo always arrives quickly, safely and on time?

We are Uganda's leading, most trusted, and most efficient transporter and truck drive away logistics company. We are glad you dropped by. Globe Trotters does nationwide truck drive away — and does it right. Since 2005, we have helped international aid organizations, fleets, and manufacturers of all sizes move their cargo with speed, integrity, and care.

We have majored in operating our transport services in and around Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Southern Sudan and the Eastern DRC for years now, transporting relief and emergency supplies on behalf of reputable organizations in Uganda and Kenya. We offer Skilled services that enhance quick delivery of goods through a network of branches that guarantees coordination of business and logistics reinforcement.

Globe Trotters has a health and safety policy designed for our staff to keep up with the trends of healthy living. Like, diseases, general safety on premises and so on. We also have a truck state check list that we use in ensuring that the trucks leaving our work shop are in a suitable state and quantity to move and deliver our clients cargo safely




Kampala - Uganda

We Offer

Freight Services
  We offer a full range of freight services  including air, land or sea delivery options
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WareHousing & Depot
  We provide value-added warehouse and inland depot logistics
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Oil & Gas Operations
  From large volumes, out of gauge freight to hard to access destinations or all of this at once!
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